AudioClip scrub

I’m trying to create an audio player with scrubbing functionality. I was able to load, play and pause the clip, as well as to create a slider that move accordingly to the length of the clip (the more the time passes, the more the value of the slider is. . .). Now I have to implement the possibility to “scrub” the audio clip, so you can move the slider and play a specific section of the clip. I was trying something like:

slider1.value = scrubTime;

but that doesn’t work. Is there a way to play a specific part of the clip?

Delay allows a source to be played later at a specific sample-accurate point in time. Note that the delay must be set according to the reference output rate of 44.1 Khz, meaning that Play(44100) will delay the playing by exactly 1 sec. Note: To obtain sample accuracy with an AudioClip with a different samplerate (than 44.1 khz) you have to do the math yourselves. Delaying an audiosource with an attached AudioClip with samplerate of, say, 32 khz, with 16k samples(.5 sec) is done by Play(22050). ((44100/32000) * 16000 = 22050).

here is the ref: