AudioListener (v4.6) missing volume

So here’s the dealio:

When i try to use either a button or a slider to change the volume true the UI
it says the audiolistener volume file is missing. thus leading to me not being able to change the volume via the AudioListener (which is very annoying).

i’ve tried reinstalling older versions in hope of getting that missing file (doesnt work).

so if anyone choud help… please do so.

The audio listener has no volume capabilities. You should be changing the volume of the audio source that plays. The volume control is at each Audio Source component.
The audio listener is there just so Unity will know where the “mic” is (it is just like a mic, it’ll listen to the sounds and volume of each sound as they are), how the sounds will be played back in relationship to the space.

Edit: When you say to turn the volume true on the listener, do you mean to simply enable the component?