AudioSource from mesh instead of one point


I’ve got a problem using AudioSource. My issue is that it seems to be impossible to have the sound emit from a specifically defined area, like a mesh, rather than one point.

I’ll clarify this with an example. I want to make a wall emit a sound with a steep rolloff. Only if someone is close to the wall should the sound be heard, but since it’s a long wall, you can stand close to the wall at the far end, but still far from the AudioSource in the middle, so it cannot be heard.

I actually hoped to get the answer from the (apparantly outdated) Lerpz tutorial, since it has the impound fence that emits a sound, but the same problem appears. I’d rather not attach twelve audiosources to try and somewhat evenly distribute the sound.

Does anyone have a solution I’ve overlooked? Maybe something like the AudioSource following the player or some neat trick like that?

I have what you need I think. Would you like to be a beta tester? Please see: and!-(Visual-Audio-Zone-customization)?highlight=visual+audio+zone and

I am almost ready to put a simple free version on the Asset Store, any testing/comments would be appreciated.

In short: you draw where you want sound. Draw it. Like in Photoshop. Or use Lightmaps. And you can use these images to shape more than just loudness.