AudioSource.Play() strange bahaviour on Android

Hi !
I have a series of buttons , each button plays a different (short) sound when tapped, on Pc everything works fine but on Android the first time i tap the button it skips the first samples of the sound so only the end of the sound is heard , the following taps work properly, if i stop tapping for about 30 seconds or so the problem happens again on the first tap.
This only happens on some clips others seem play properly every time .
Hoping someone can help been at this for hours i’ve tried different import settings but nothing seems to work, all sounds are 44100hz 16bit Wav.
Im using Unity 5.2.0f3.
Thanks in Advance

After testing on 2 other devices it seems the problem is with the first device i tested on since everything is fine on the others, probably a hardware problem.