Audiosurf Visualization


Audiosurf is a game that creates a individual road by a music track. my question is: how can I do this too?
how can i create a dynamic road by using mp3 audio files?

i hope you know what i mean!

If code: C# 'd be nice.

Here are some examples to visualize a song: How to Use Sound to Make 3D Geometry in Unity

you should make something like the Line Visualizer, but in 3d, so give some depth to it. After that you can scale it up, or scale your character down, and your map is ‘almost’ ready.

I maid an Asset play mp3’s into a audiosource, it works on Win, Max, Linux, iOS, android…

It works for local mp3 files and web streams.

Asset - uAudio: Mp3 Player/Streamer