Augmented reality - How to use Lean Touch to move/rotate/scale multiple objects separately?

How can I “Move, Scale, and Rotate” my augmented GameObjects separately from each other? I used an asset called “Lean Touch” (Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making) and I followed this Tutorial to use Lean Touch: Augmented Reality: Scale and Move Object Using New Lean Touch v1.2 - YouTube

When I followed the tutorial I mention above, I tried to use it for Multiple GameObjects in my own project. But both my 3D models “Move, Scale, and Rotate” in the exact same way, even if I only select one 3D model. (I had 2 image targets with each their own 3D model).

If possible, with the asset “Lean Touch”, but if you know other ways to do it, I would like to hear it too. Please provide some explanations/codes.

Hi ,im also trying to something similar as you mentioned can i get know if you have solved your problem?