Augmented Reality Multiplayer

I’ve set up a network lobby allowing both users to join the same room (multiplayer). I’ve used Vuforia with the networking Identity to allow objects to appear from a card. However, once both users enter the same room only one can view the object from the card. Both users are not able to see each other’s object which is a problem as well.

I’ve been wondering is it possible to see both objects and if yes can someone guide me or help me out, please.

Thank you

Yes! If you create a network using Unity or third party i.e. Photon Network.
You then have to add your player to the network, this player should be spawned for each user within the same room. If you are using markers (Vuforia), write a script making the player a child of the marker when spawned inside the scene and have the marker in the hierarchy.

Option two was to attach the player to the camera when spawned (first person view). As long as the user is in the same room or game as the others using the network, all players/user should be able to see each other.

This worked for me.