Augmented Reality Plugin - Unity

Anybody knows if exists any augmented reality plugin or framwork for unity that supports(includes) geolocation(using webcam) just like google skymaps ?


The two I use are Metaio and Vuforia. I personally prefer Vuforia. Both are completely free to use, and extremely easy to get your head around:

A simple google search would of found you the results you’re looking for. And yes - it can use GeoLocation, although you will need to use a plugin to grab the GeoLocation from your device (iOS - Look into Prime31)

Metaio no longer exists for downloads, and as far an I am aware Vuforia is based on scanning, not location based AR. I have given the free plugin from Wikitude AR into unity a go, but so far only managed to get AR to work for an image, Any ideas of getting the image to appear via a coordinate instead?