Augmented Reality Tracker

I’ve seen that in America, a lot of Augmented Reality developers use a dollar bill as a tracker, which is a brilliant idea as its an object that most people will have and it saves them the hassle of printing a tracker out.

However, living in the UK, a dollar wouldn’t be so useful… So I’ve been trying to wrack my brains to think of an equivalent (£1 wouldn’t work quite the same) that I, and other UK AR developers, could use.

Has anyone else had the same thought? Anyone come up with anything?

How many stars does Vuforia rate the British One Pound Note when you upload it for a tracking image. A four or five star rate will equal a good choice for a tracking image.

I have let the person that I want to show an Augmented Reality demo to, to view the Vuforia Chips tracking image on their tablet(try full screen), and then I scanned the Vuforia Chips image on their tablet with my tablet, then pow - the Augmented Reality demo is displayed on top of their tablet as if by magic :slight_smile: (so maybe keep a sample of the Vuforia Chips image on your phone/tablet, and then just bluetooth/wi-fi/transfer the image to their device when you want to show someone the magic).