Aura is not working properly on the inspector menu what shall I do?

As you can see on the image all options on aura in the inspector menu appear to be overlapped. This not only happens on the camera but on aura volume and light. Any suggestions?
I already updated unity and reinstalled Aura.

It seems that if you remove all EditorStyles.miniButton and GuiStyles.areaTitleBarStyle it seems to work fine - probably not permanent fix - but does the trick.


GUILayout.Button(new GUIContent(" Create Texture3D Asset", texture3DIcon), GuiStyles.areaTitleBarStyle) 

Change to this:

    GUILayout.Button(new GUIContent(" Create Texture3D Asset", texture3DIcon))

You’ll have to do that for all of the options in the editors like AuraEditor, AuraLightEditor, AuraVolumeEditor.