Authentication 3.10 Sample scene scripts missing

I've just imported and set up Authentication 3.10 and imported the UI Example samples. However when I open the Anonymous, Facebook and Unity Player Accounts UI Example scenes the EventSystem and Canvas and child gameobjects have all their scripts missing and when run the scenes show a blank screen. The single main script for each scene is present however and sitting in the main directory along with the scenes.

Is this by design or have I failed to import some prerequisite?

Hi @RunSwimFly

Thanks for posting on the forums.

Could you share your Unity editor version? I've just tried locally on 2022.3.10f1 and did not run into this issue.
I would try removing the package/sample and re importing it, if the problem persists. Additionally make sure that your project is linked (Edit > Project Settings > Services)

If you are still not able to make this work I can pack this project up and send it over to you.