Authentication now supports Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI)!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Unity Authentication now supports Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI).

OpenID Connect (OIDC)
With the first phase of our BYOI release, you can integrate with any OIDC-compliant identity providers, such as Firebase, AWS Cognito and Epic Online Services.

You can see it in action with the following demo:

Sign In Anonymously & Link with AWS Cognito Account

Sign In Directly with Firebase Account

You can refer to our documentation (API and SDK) on how to set up and configure OIDC identity providers.

What’s Next?
We understand that OIDC support will not solve all BYOI use cases. We are evaluating options to further expand BYOI support based on customer needs.

If you have specific BYOI needs, any questions or feedback, please let us know! Thank you!


This is awesome, do you have a complete example how to setup firebase to use OIDC with Unity Authentication?

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I am unable to find version 2.2.0 of the SDK, is it published? I can see its mentioned on, but unable to locate it through the Package Manager.

Hi @frdrkprck ,

If you can't see Authentication package v 2.2.0 in the package manager, you may need to add it manually. You can do this from the '+' button in the Package Manager


or by adding "": "2.2.0", to the dependencies section of your /Packages/manifest.json file.

You should keep an eye on the Change Log linked from the Package Manager for the latest updates, we are up to v 2.3.1 now, with added support of Occulus! :sunglasses:

Hi, could you provide test samples for the OIDC login method?

Hi @Laurie-Unity
I try to add OIDC provider in the UGS dashboard. The provider is Amazon Cognito.But when I fill the "oidc issuer url" field with "" or "" and press "Add provider" button, the "Invalid OIDC parameter" error message is shown. My Client Id is correct because I have test it with curl.
So, what's the "oidc issuer url" of Amazon Cognito provider?

Hello @EdwardAndy ,

Could you please try to include the Pool ID ID? For example,
More information could be found in steps 2 & 3 of this Amazon blog.

Hello @chengg_unity

You are right. I can add the Amazon Cognito id provider successfully now. Thx for your help.

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