Authentication problem

private void Awake()
PlayGamesPlatform.DebugLogEnabled = true;

        private void Start()
            Social.localUser.Authenticate(success => Debug.Log(success));

            var config =
                new PlayGamesClientConfiguration.Builder().Build();
            //PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.Authenticate(success => Debug.Log(success));


        private void OnClick()
            Social.ReportScore(12345, "CgkI9IGIn-kSEAIQCQ", success =>
                // handle success or failure

  1. ERROR: ReportScore can only be called after authentication.
  2. ERROR: ShowLeaderboardUI can only be called after authentication.

Update1: It might be because of Soomla’s integration, not sure, just an assumption, cause already saw a few posts having the same problem.

Update2: Linked question which may help you determine what I’m doing wrong.

What am I forgetting?

If you’re not sure what could the problem be, please suggest actions which I can take in order to determine what the problem is on comments.


Check out the answers to my other two questions. They apply to this one as well. I Hope this helps you if you stumble upon the same problem!