Auto rigging my blender character on mixamo does not work anymore and i dont know WHY PLEASE i need help

Hi this is the second character i do on blender and for the first character Mixamo worked fine but for this one for some reason that i have yet to find (i’ve been searching for 2 days on the internet but still cant find) auto rigging algorithm does not work i have tried EVERYTHING and i dont want to recreate the character since it took me so much time to make and so it would be amazing if i could find an answer so that i can import my character onto unity and finish my multiplayer game !

Thank you if you provide any help it would be much appreciated cheers!

Crikey thats a scary mesh, I think it might work if you remove clothing accessories and add them after rigging, Might be completely irrelevant if you dont know how to rig clothing onto character without changing weight values theres some on youtube, Id post one but Im replying on mobile and I cant be bothered hence the lack of grammar in this post.

Ah but since i am not very experienced with blender i joined every accessory with the base mesh so i think imma have to restart but its fine i’ll also make it so that he is in a t pose so that it is easier for mixamo.
Welp thank you for your help anyway!