Auto Road Placement System

Hi there,

I am busy trying to think about how you would go about placing road segments in a pattern.

The thing is i have no problem placing objects at points etc Long- Long- 90 Degree turn etc, BUT then i just can’t figure out how can i make the system head back towards the beginning, also what about 4 way intersections, How can i possibly know how to create road segments for all of those and have them all eventually hook up?

I know this is a pretty messed up question but any help would be really appreciated. I don’t need any code written i am more than capable just never made or thought of something like this before so don’t know the best starting position to take on it.



Im not sure exactly how you would implement this but you could possibly generate segments of road linearly from the front and back ends of the starting point that are within the map boundaries and then stop generating once you detect that the two paths have met

You could try RoadArchitect. There is lots of information available in the link.

Self-promotion note: I am one of the main developers on the project right now.