Auto-save/Checkpoint system that you can load when restarting the game

Hi there.

I’m relatively new to Unity and I’m looking for a decent Auto-save/Checkpoint system that remember what game objects have been removed from their original locations (an example being a game object programmed to lower itself below ground-level once your player collides with, preventing yo from interacting with it again).
So pretty much Saving your progress, not just having a script that returns you to specific coordinates.

It’ll also be used as a learning tool since I’m just learning how to use JavaScript and I want to see how some things can be set up.

All replies are appreciated. :smiley:

You can serialize the state of your game in XML or JSON, and then save it to a PlayerPrefs (Unity - Scripting API: PlayerPrefs).

To do the Serialization, I recommend this package (disclaimer, it’s made by the company I work with):