autodesrtuct property of particle system in 3.5.0f5

I was going through online video tutorial. In this tutorial, @5:40 he sets the autodestruct property of a particle system prefab.

I think the tutor used older version of unity, and I am unable to figure out where to set that property in the 3.5.0f5. Can any one help me in this regard?

yes, the tutor used older version of unity.Unfortunately new particle system don’t have auto destruction but if you close looping,your particle becomes disable.

1.unchecked looping from particle system editor
2.create a transform variable in your script as public(example explosionTrans)and set your particle object from editor. in your update method

Unity 3.5 uses a new particle system called Shuriken and unfortunately it do not has the auto destruction function, so you have to destruct it your-self. Like:

function Start(){
    Destroy(gameObject, time);

Where “time” is the duration.