automate android build

hello, i would like to use the command line interface to automate android builds like described here.

but i cannot find the parameter to make the build.


I believe you just run Unity with the parameters listed, rather than having to build it differently.

For example, on Windows, if you want the app to quit after running command line commands in batchmode and execute a particular static method named MyMethod in MyEditorScript:

C:\program files\Unity\Editor>Unity.exe -quit -batchmode -executeMethod MyEditorScript.MyMethod

Similarly, for Mac:

/Applications/Unity/ -quit -batchmode -executeMethod MyEditorScript.MyMethod

As far as I know, this is not supported on Android or iOS.

No they are not supported this seems like an oversight. You can build them by creating a script as a custom editor entry and use “BuildPipelineBuildPlayer” but this only works for a pro licence.

I am wondering if there still is a long way to build the apk through another method but not found a good clear example (as usual)