Automated prefab script switching?


In the process of converting my project from UnityScript to C#, I'd like to automate the switching of scripts on my existing prefabs. They're all using the old UnityScript scripts, and I'd like to change them all to use the new C# versions.

Maybe there's already a tool out there, on the Asset Store or otherwise, that could get the job done. I couldn't find any, so I looked into creating my own editor script to do that, but I'm not quite sure where to start as the documentation is rather limited on the subject. For instance, I couldn't figure out how to access the prefabs in a project. Here's the very general algorithm I had in mind:

for each prefab in the project
    for each component in the prefab
        if it is a UnityScript
            switch it for the C# script of the same name

Does that make any sense?

Thanks for helping out!

The information provided by Bunny83 sounds like a good starting point. Thanks!