Automatic file detection and inclusion into scene

Currently, Im working on a quiz game. The idea is that there are multiple quizzes the player can engage in.

Rather than creating a separate scene for every quiz, I’d just have a drag and drop menu where the player selects one quiz and then the game loads in the quiz information into the answer screen scene. However, because I want to include more quizzes over time, would it be possible for unity to automatically detect when new quizzes are introduced? If yes, what exactly do I need to do? Or would I have to implement it manually?

I know I can do search for gameObjects with tags, so I’m assuming it’d be possible to search for files such as .txt ones.

If you put all your text files in a resources folder you can load them all into an array at runtime. When you add new text files to the folder you can load all the resources again and the new text files will appear.

	void Start(){
		TextAsset[] texts = Resources.LoadAll<TextAsset>("TextFiles");

		for (int i = 0; i < texts.Length; i++) {
  •  	Debug.Log("");*

_ Debug.Log(texts*.text);_