Automatic off link generation with component workflow?

I’d like to automatically generate off-mesh links for my navmesh surfaces, like you can in the Navigation > Bake inspector window, but using the new component based workflow, so that I can have different off-mesh links for each surface. Is that possible?

As far as I can tell its not possible in the current version of Unity (2018.3.0f2 as of this post), but I found a workaround.

The latest version of the NavMeshComponents project has some examples showing off what the current version can do. The ‘dungeon’ example has a script on the player that makes them hop every time they use a navmesh link. This script also has options to let you teleport past links, follow a curve, and to move through them at normal speed as if it were normal movement. It’s not an ideal fix since it seems to check in every frame, but it’s a good starting point for a workaround.

Hope this helps!

GitHub link: GitHub - Unity-Technologies/NavMeshComponents: High Level API Components for Runtime NavMesh Building