Automatic Updates for Web Player?

We are working closely with a sister company on building a game for one of their properties.

We post relatively frequent builds to our staging server for them to review and comment on, but after upgrading our software to version 2.6.1 our sister company noticed that the web player was crashing on loading the application. (After the initial loader with the Unity logo finishes.)

We found out this was because they had not upgraded their web player. They mentioned that they had not been prompted to update.

This causes for some concern as we intend to go live with this game shortly and are worried that the less tech-savy user may not be able to play the game because of an outdated web player.

I understand that with the penetration rate of the web player is still fairly low, and that the majority of users playing the game will be installing the web player for the first time to play our game.

My question is, is there anything we can do to insure that the user has the latest version of the web player installed?

Thanks in advance,


The web player is designed to update itself as needed. Ie, when you publish web content with Unity 2.6.1, any user loading that content will find his plugin automatically updating itself to 2.6.1. This happens transparently without any prompt. You can go to to check which version of the plugin you currently have installed.

As for the crashing, not sure what is happening here. I guess without any specific information on how to reproduce the problem, there is nothing we can find out about it.