Automatic Web Player Installation

Will there by an ActiveX and xpi based installer for the Web Player so you do not have to download an executable and need admin rights? I read that admin rights are no longer needed but it did not work for me I needed them.

In the case of Windows Vista using UAC, the dialog saying "A program needs your permission to continue", will show for both XPI installers, ActiveX installers and EXE based installers in the same way.

We chose to use the exe based installer because it allows you to have a customizable installation process presented to the user. As an example take a look at they did a very nice job at making people interested in installing the plugin.

The gold bar has some usability issues. Very often people don't actually notice that you can click it when it pops up. The exe based installation process does not have this issue.

the unity's web player consists of an activex control and a firefox plugin for windows and plugins for Mac OSX

the web player's license don't allow it's destribution in any form other than downloading from web site. there is a reason for this and that is, unity guys want to know how many times the player has been downloaded and in this way they can understand how many computers all over the world have unity web player installed. so you can not copy it or make an installer for it. it's forbidden!!!