Automatically include files, in an XCode build

I have a unity project, iphone.

There are two files (actually .caf audio files) I want to include in the XCode build.

TBC these are not used by Unity at all. The project needs them at the iOS level

Currently I do this … in unity Build the XCode project

open XCode. in XCode, add the two files in question to the Target (i.e. basically just drag them in to the project).

This works great but,

Is there a way to have Unity automatically simply include needed files in the XCode project?

I tried putting the two .caf files in the /Resources folder … that did not work.

Perhaps there is a “magic” add-to-target folder?

Or is this a common “post-processor” script I don’t know about? Thanks !!

Think of XCode as owning the project. Add your caf files to the XCode project in the normal way. Then, when you make a build with Unity update the xcode project instead of replacing it.