Autoselecting & Navigating In UI SubMenus

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Input System with UI.
On my main menu page I have multiple buttons and can navigate through these with the gamepad. This required me to set the 'First Selected' field in the Event System component.

When I click that button using the Gamepad to move to say the options menu, that navigation is lost. Similarly, if I then intervene with the mouse to return back to the main menu, the 'First Selected' option no longer kicks in and I need to select a button with the mouse before I can use the gamepad or keyboard to navigate again.

Do I need to script this behaviour or am I missing something?
The same would be true I guess if I paused the game and brought up an in game UI where I would want to navigate again with the controller rather than switching to mouse.

Is there a Unity Learn Project or existing Unity Project with a functional UI menu that I could dig into for this. The 2D GameKit for example doesn't seem to support gamepad input but I was able to extract some other usefulness from that project.

Thanks as always.

Community has not been the same hum?
I've solved this problem different ways before, was researching for a more "standard/basic" way of working with those.
Anyway, this link does have some good ideas:
Stupid Unity UI Navigation Tricks (

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Hi Zimbres, I'm a little bit late but thank you for this.