Avatar animation


I have rigged avatar, and 3 animations, I know about mixamo and websites that I can buy animations from, but is there a way to create those my self? What software do mixamo use? In which software can I make such animations an if you can some tutorials would be appreciated?

Thanks :)

There are also free animation sets. Unity's Raw Mocap Data for Mecanim contains a lot of animations.

Mixamo uses motion capture (and then some manual cleanup using animation software). The cheapest motion capture solution I'm aware of is iPi Soft's iMotion Capture Studio and two Microsoft Kinects. But the whole setup will cost about $700 USD.

You can also create animations by hand in software. Blender is free but difficult to learn. If you have a Mac, Cheetah 3D is a good, low-cost solution that's easier to learn. The professionals use much more expensive software like 3DS Max or Maya. There are other options, too, with different capabilities and learning curves.

Ummmm.....not any more difficult than any other software. It used to be back looooong ago. Sadly, people still hang on to that misconception.

I get paid to do 3D animation so I guess I consider myself a "professional". My s/w of choice remains Blender. FOX, Sony, Warner Bros, HBO have no complaints. =]

I should have marked that as an opinion. Don't get me wrong; I think Blender is great, and I use it. But given the context of the original question, I still think the OP would find a steeper learning curve in Blender than, say, Cheetah.