Avatars and Animation- What am I missing?

Hello friends,

I’m working on a prototype, and I’m getting a grasp on the programming side of things, but I am a complete rookie when it comes to animation. So I went to the unity store, got a free asset called Robot Kyle and downloaded the raw mocap data Unity has on the store as well.

Now I tried to follow several tutorials, but there must be something I am missing. I set the rig to humanoid, and create avatar definition from the model. I then go to the animation (let’s use Idle2Run_AllAngles as an example), and I select humanoid under the rig options, selecting Robot KyleAvatar as the source. When I click on the animations I get a red error that says: “Copied Avatar Rig Configuration mis-match. Transform hierarchy does not match: Transform ‘Left_Thigh_Joint_01’ for human bone ‘LeftUpperLeg’ not found”.

I get this error with multiple models, not just our friend Kyle, and even different animations. I have tried for several hours over several days to find my own solution. I tried renaming the the joints and what not so they would match, but that doesn’t seem to be permanent because as soon as I leave optimization, it changes back? I’m sorry if this is such a simple solution or a foolish question, but it just doesn’t seem to be clicking with me. This is my first question, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to understand how it all is supposed to work!

Thanks everyone!


I had the same problem when exporting from Blender to Unity. The problem was fixed when I checked “Only Deform Bones” as an export option.

A developer can manually match bones to bones so they match as needed under configure.

Did you happen to follow the official mecanim training material under the learn section?

Since this isn’t a terribly difficult issue - I’ll just show the link to one of the videos that Unity has developed that will provide the answer you are looking for, and many other answers to questions you will eventually have.

Derp. Changed my mind. These three videos will provide the information you request, and tons of additional information that is relevant to proceeding with mecanim.

I have the same problem.
Any chance you could give a little more detail on what the fix was?

I’m watching a tutorial where you bring in the free mocap animation data and a rig. But every animation has a yellow error.

It says it can ignore the error but "current Configuration needs to be fixed:
Transform ‘Pivot’ not found in HumanDescription.

I’m new to Unity so any help you can offer would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


I’m facing the same problem and I’m pretty sure there is an easy way how to fix this. So if anyone knows about that, it would be very helpful.

Same error. Exporting animation joints from Maya to Unity.

I have similar problem. I’m using blender and I imported *.blend file.
My error message was ‘missing HandLeft’. But I already made left hand bone.

In my case, I made wrong bone. The bone’s left arm was longer than the mesh’s arm.
So the left hand bone(hand_L) occupied no mesh. That’s why Unity couldn’t recognize the bone ‘Hand_L’.

I shorten the left arm bone. And define bone weight again. you can see the images.

Then I reimported the blend file. And the Humanoid rig worked!
Check your bone’s weight paint status. Every Humanoid bone has to move something.



I had this error with a root bone that I made so that I could rotate the whole character, as opposed to just the hips. I went into configuration and replaced the old hips bone (for me it was spine) with my main root transform. This root transform, in blender, hits the floor, though, so I’m concerned I’ll have problems going forward, but at least it’s allowing the configuration.

If this causes problems down the road, I’m prepared to just move the root bone I made up to around the hips, in the case unity requires some kinda transform relation with their humanoid features–of which I’m totally ignorant of, I just don’t wanna progress without that compatibility in case I need it later.