Average number of draw calls ?!

What is the average number of draw calls for a PC or Console game ?

I try to find some informations about that, many posts talk about how reduce them, but nothing very clear about until what number xD

On iPhone, it seems to be something like 25/30 draw calls to have good performance but for a standalone PC game, around 500 ? 1000 ? more ?

For example, for a game like CoD or Gears of War... ?

I figured out that this number depends of the hardware, and espcially of the CPU and I know that draw calls are not the only thing to check to improve game performance, but i'm just curious :)

Thank you !

There is no average; it depends on the CPU you want to target. The slower the CPU, the fewer draw calls it can handle. 25/30 isn't accurate for the iPhone anymore either, since the different models cover a fairly wide range now.