Avoid "Profiler is only supported in Unity Pro" log messages in dev build?

When I build to Mac standalone with a development build, I am getting “Profiler is only supported in Unity Pro” messages in the log file every frame. I am not calling the profiler anywhere in my code.

This does not happen when it’s not a dev build, so it seems the dev build adds a profiler call automatically, which makes sense.

I know I can avoid these message by upgrading to Pro and getting profiler support. Is there any other way to avoid these messages in dev builds?

I think I found a way how to get rid of it, at least for me. It seems to only happen when I run Unity and the Build at the same time. If I run the build alone, the bug doesn’t appear.

For some reason this stopped it for me:

Within Unity Editor
Window → Profiler → De-toggle ‘Record’

Then rebuilt…

I had the same problem, Unity 4.3 basic IOS basic.
The only way I can attach to IOS device without getting a error “Profiler is only supported in Unity Pro” is by running the app from the idevice (not from Xcode) and then attach mono to the idevice. Whether Unity is open or not doesn’t change anything for me.

I’ve been getting around this problem by using grep:

./adb logcat -s Unity | grep -vE "E/Unity\s+\([0-9]+\):\s+$|Profiler"

This filters the Android log for only Unity logging and filters out any of those annoying profiler messages (it also filters out empty Unity log messages).