Avoid any outgoing connections from "UnityObject.js"?

Hi at all,

i need to distribute my webgame and therefore i have to check that theres no outgoing connections from that "UnityObject.js".

In the buildsettings of unity3 ive selected "offline deployment", so the unityobject.js is created in that same folder. Now ive installed and checked the outgoing connections of my html-file with the webdebugger "fiddler" which logs all HTTP traffic between the user and the internet. One connections is found:

"webplayer.unity3d.com HOST"

"URL: /autodownload_webplugin_3.x/revisions.plist?OS.... and a lots of parameters of my pc"

Now i want to disable that. Ive searched the whole document for "unity3d, http, etc" logs and deleted them. But the debugger still wants to connect to that unity-server.

Any ideas how to disable that completely? Thanks for your time and help. yosh

That is the connection from the Unity Player to our revisions server to check for updates. It is not started from the js, but from the Unity plugin itself, and you cannot disable this. We won't allow disabling this in the future either, for security reasons. If some security issue would be discovered in the Unity plug-in in the future, and web sites had the ability to block the plugin from updating itself, our ability to respond to such issues would be severely reduced.