Avoid changes if I dont changing my position.

I’m working in a 2D Puzzle (using X and Z axis only) where my player moving around but has a limit of moves. Each moving to the right, left, up or down the moves counter decreases 1. The problem is that sometimes even if the player press any of the arrow keys the Player Object doesn’t really changing his position but the Moves counter decreases anyway. I want to decreases only if the Player Object changes his position.

Ok, this is a Screenshot of the game. The cube with the “5” (which is the number of moves availables) is the player, the rest of cubes are walls. Each the player swipe anywhere the cube move forward to that direction and the ‘Moves Counter’ decreases 1.
Now, for example, I already have 5 moves available, if I swipe down the cube player will moving down until hitting (in this case with the red cube), and the ‘Moves Counter’ decreases to 4.
But if I swipe down again, my ‘Moves Counter’ will decrease to 3, even if I dont go anywhere, because I’m already hitting the red cube.

In my code I say that 'Moves counter" decrease 1 on every swipe input, but also I want to decreases only if I change my position, but that part of the code are in Update, If I put something like “decreases only if it is moving” my counter decreases 1 every frame while is moving.