Avoid preparation VideoPlayer

Hi there !

I tried to change the old movie texture for videoplayer in my project and I have a problem with the preparation time. My video is pretty long / good quality ( mp4 ) … And the preparation tooooook sooo long ( let it turn 15 min, stop it ) I can never play it .

How to avoid it ? Is there a kind of video format " plug and play " for unity ? Is it possible to start the video when x frame are ready and play it when unity prepare the rest ?

Thanks in advance !

As far as I know, the only solution to this is to stream your large asset(s). Your video file is just too big to convert/package properly.

I’m in a similar situation right now (that’s how I came across your question): I have to include and be able to play several 1-2GB 4K MP4 video files at maximum quality.

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