Awake() is not called automatically by Unity on targets reference

I have two classes one is an editor (extends Editor) and other is a MonoBehaviour one (the target class).

On “OnInspectorGUI()” method I get access to the MonoBehaviour class through the target:

public override void OnInspectorGUI()
    var script = (PackScript) target;

However I’ve noticed when I’m accessing PackScript class, the Awake() is not called by Unity and I need it to accomplish some routines, then I decided to call it manually and I’m not sure if this is a good idea or it breaks some design pattern, I don’t know.

Is it supposed to act like this in the case of Unity doesn’t call Awake from a target object?

As far as I know you cannot call Awake() manually, Awake it’s a reserved function and it`s called automatically on the awake of the script, perhaps you want to create some Init() method or something like that to manually initialize the script.