AWS auto scaling game servers

I am using Uzone node.json configuration. When player wants to open a new game server, we want to spin up new AWS instance and create Game servers in it. if that server capacity goes more than 70%, we want to open new server again.

Please let me know, in house solution or any direction to setup the same in Uzone / Ulobby

Yes, you can do it easily by changing the autoscaling policy by using the blue-green deployment feature on AWS. I personally have done in my application as well. I learned it from a particular video on YouTube, I will tach the link for your benefit. This AWS Course video will help you to understand all the details about AWS from scratch

,This can be easily done by changing the auto-scaling policy. I have personally done the changing of the auto scaling policy on my gaming applications as well, I learnt it from a particular video on YouTube let me share it to you as well. This AWS Course video contains all the information about AWS from load balancing autoscaling and lot more.

anyone have uZone project files? Or (Im trying to create the server by launching the start-node.bat & start-server.bat but they include files from the uZone bin, and Im missing them