Axis are in wrong position

Hey guys, this may be a stupid question, but I just realized my axis for my Camera are in the wrong place, (THE CAMERA ROTATES FINE AND ALL) It’s just an annoyance I want to fix as it’s well, not proper lol.

Here is the pic, how do I fix this if you wouldn’t mind helping me, (YES, I did some google searches, but as this isn’t really a problem that is hurting anything I didn’t see the point in spending 3 days to find the answer when I’m sure it’s something simple.
and Yes, I tried moving it, but it just moved the Camera, I just want the Axis Aligned to the center of the Camera.

Thanks guys

I actually just found the answer, thanks for trying to help!

Problem was, I had a Depth Camera attached to it and it was off of it, but attached to the Main camera. So it just made it seem as if everything was wrong.