B Format and Ambisonic Sound file support

Have seen a number of references to “native” support for B format (ambisonic) sound files within Unity, but can’t find any direct references to anything other than 7.1 surround files. Does anyone have any clarity?

Hi @jaymerica,
after hunting around for much the same thing, as far as I can tell the 3DCeption plugin for Unity was able to do this, but I can’t seem to find it. Two Big Ears who create the plugin have been bought over by FaceBook and are currently in flux. Their FMOD tool used to have the 3DCeption B-Format plugin, but that has been removed. It’s rather unfortunate as it is very useful to have.

The only other tool I can find that has support for ambisonic sound files is the google vr sdk (see the GvrAudioSoundfield prefab). In this case, it uses the AmbiX (WYZX) channel configuration for B-Format. I’ve tested it and it seems to work nicely.

It is a shame that this isn’t something Unity3D have as a standard audio component.

Have you managed to find anything?

@fatbluefred Totally agree. I’ve used the TBE SDK which is now free via FB360. It has sync issues with varies video textures in Unity. Maybe not be the fault of the SDK but the combo is unreliable as a solution. GVR is a good option but not sure how it ports to all the varies non google builds like iOs. Definitely woule be nice for a simple built in Unity audio feature to just play a FOA file.