Babushka's Life

Hello to everyone, I'm new here.
After countless google play games designed to appeal to the masses, I finally have the time for something I've always wanted to make just because.
Babushka's Life will be a "post soviet grandmother simulator". Your goal will be to survive for as long as possible on a meager pension that's not keeping up with inflation, while food prices and utility bills keep rising and your health keeps getting worse.

first gameplay video: currently very early, most of the environment is quite barren but it shows off the general art direction and movement. Something that held me back for a while was indeed the art - I've considered many things from pixel art to making everything in "3d stickman style", but just recently settled upon this style as it's the best middle ground and allows for quick content creation.

Looks nice so far! I can't wait to see how it turns out!