Back and Forth between Scenes ?

I developed the game given the e book “Unity Game Development Essentials”. In which i have to capture 4 powercells(gameobject) which is available in the terrain itself while starting the game(we don’t instantiate) to win it.

Whereas i introduced Qualcomm AR at a particular point to capture the powercell which will be available in scene 2.

Player will come back to scene 1 after capturing one powercell in scene 2. The problem is ,when the player comes back to scene 1, it loads like a new level and even if he captured 2 powercells before itself they are all available while scene 1 is loaded :frowning:

How can i over come this problem ? Do i need to save all the data’s like player position, no. of cells player captured ? or is there any easy way available for this ? I came across static but for the objects which we place in the game directly, how can i achieve that ?

Please give me some suggestions…Thank you

Sorry for my pretty lengthy question :frowning:

It is best not to place objects in the scene directly in situations like this. Better is to instantiate them from a script when the level starts up. This script can then check for static variables when it is creating the objects. Any objects that are already marked as captured can be missed out during the instantiation.