Back Face

any body pls help me …is it possible to show backface in unity…i m using maya File
bt when i import file in unity some faces transparent …

You can edit one of the default shaders to render both sides of the triangles. Just replace the line Cull Back with Cull Off.

If you have trouble finding the default shaders, here’s the link: Shaders

Put the shader file you need in your project and edit it.

BUT, it’s probably easier just to make the mesh in your 3D program double sided. In 3Ds max you can use the Shell modifier, but I don’t know the name of the equivalent in Maya.

That is because Unity and most game engines will only render one side of a face/Poly, this is for optimization purposes.

However if you want to see both sides You will have to do what smrt_co suggested with shaders or you can Duplicate your mesh in maya and flip the normals, as suggested here: How do I make my game render both sides of a mesh? - Unity Answers