Background click error

hi, i created a sprite gameobject as background (layer order 0), everything is working perfect, but when i click on it, the console says that there is a problem, there is no action or script on it. As i have other gameobjects (buttons) below, i think that create some confusing. So what can i do to make it disable (fixe that) ? i do the code GameObject.SetActive for that but it disappear.


i will answer my self, i have find a pretty simple solution and hope that can help other people who got the same problem. I added a box collider 2D to my gameobject (background) that it will be able to click on it and that solve the problem and we won’t have the error message on the console, but after that and for no confusing with other objects bellow such buttons, you have to transform z position of you gameobject, i set it to 2 that it can be far from the other objects. As it’s a 2D object and the camera is setting on orthographic there no change of the scale.