Background color interference

I want to put a fire in my scene (unity 2d) however the background color seems to be mixing with that of the fire —

The Fire in the scene view is red like I want it[27985-fire+in+scene.png|27985]

However when I play the game in the game view its washed out:[27986-fire+when+played.png|27986]

Is there some setting I can set to make the background not interfere with the fire?

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Making the fire overly red to compensate (made the fire look weird)
  2. Using two cameras, one for the fire and one for the rest of the scene (fire’s color was still messed up)

It looks like you’re using an Additive or Multiply shader. You (probably) want some unlit transparency instead; this will keep your exact colors from the fire image.