Background image is too large (size)

I have a background, I’ve created 2 backgrounds of 1980x 1000, and got loop screen that changes between them, tho the background images each weight about 2.6MB! that’s too much for a 2D game, when making a background should I reduce the size to less the 1024 and make like 4 backgrounds instead of 2? What format should it be in? Considering my project all of it should be about 15MB top, but all my sprites are too large, what am i doing wrong when importing them? format to use? (usually they’re just compressed)

In the sprite editor , uncheck generate mipmaps. set max size to 1024 and format to compressed.

I have found png’s to work well for me, just keep the ratio in mind of 512x512 or 1024x1024, as then RGB Compressed DXT1 works, and then image is really small in KB’s. Even try 1024x512 :slight_smile: