Backporting of Sprite.AddScriptableObject() or how to do similar on versions before 2023

Hello, question mostly for Unity employees.
In Unity 2023 API for adding scriptable objects to sprite was introduced:

Sprite.AddScriptableObject(), Sprite.GetScriptableObjects() methods and some others.

It is really convenient way to associate some data with sprite at import time.
I’m interested in whether this API will be backported to previous engine versions?

For personal use i might stick to the newest version, but I developing asset for asset store, and it would be cool to keep compatibility with LTS Unity versions.

Other, more convoluted solution, is to at import time create scriptable objects that will hold sprite reference and required metadata for each sprite (with AssetImportContext.AddObjectToAsset(), and then use this object as reference rather then sprite itself.

Does anybody know better way to associate some metadata with sprite at import time for Unity before 2023?