Backup Semi-Disaster


I am facing a bit of a disaster at the moment and trying to keep cool about it.
At the end of every session I back my entire Unity Project folder and rename it as I keep multiple versions just in case. for Example:

Unity Project Current

Unity Project Backup 1

Unity Project Backup 2

Today an asset update really screwed up the project, so rather than pick through everything I decided to use last nights backup.

I move the broken project folder to another location, and renamed the backup so the folder name is now the same as normal.

Now when I open the backup

  • Unity insists on re-importing all assets, and when done the project is a mess
  • All scenes are missing from the build project scene list
  • Input manager is back to default settings
  • Some Materials are complaining about not being normalized
  • Imported font settings partially broken
  • Project Quality settings back to default
  • and so on…
  • But not all settings were effected so not a total reset back to defaults. Only partially.

It’s almost like Unity has forgotten the project settings.

Have I been backing up wrong?
Any advice on how to solve this?

I feel pretty crushed at the moment and I hope someone can help.



EDIT: Bouncing back a little. I seems to be pretty much anything to do with the ‘settings’. I have updated the list of problems about, and I am starting to think I can recover from this with a bit of work. I’m still nervous about it all though. Would be nice to find an answer and understand why…

EDIT 2: It’s definitely the Unity Project settings that are fubar in that they have reset to default settings, which is a massive pain in arse but fixable none the less.

First thing’s first: back up all of your data. To another folder, to another drive, to another machine. There’s no sense in risking any loss of data.

After that, you have a few options. You can try opening each of your projects in turn. You can try reinstalling Unity. You can try re-importing the assets into a fresh Unity project. You can contact Unity Technologies support directly.

Is it possible that your machine is having any problems? Any faulty hardware or drivers? Can you try loading the project up on another computer?