Bad array declaration: Why won't this compile?

public void CleanJointConnections()
FixedJoint temp = gameObject.GetComponents();
foreach (FixedJoint joint in temp2)

Error message is:
Assets/Ultimate Game Tools/Fracturing/Scripts/FracturedChunk.cs(706,20): error CS0650: Syntax error, bad array declarator. To declare a managed array the rank specifier precedes the variable’s identifier. To declare a fixed size buffer field, use the fixed keyword before the field type

I have no idea what a rank specifier is. I just want to grab a list of all the fixedJoints on this object and then delete them.

make it work for me please? <3

Type Name[] = ... is C++

Type[] Name = ... is C#

The error is telling you that the brackets come before the name, not after.

Did you try searching the error at all?
First result for “c# error CS0650”: Compiler Error CS0650 | Microsoft Learn