Bad buffer index: -10000


I’m making a game in Unity3D 5.6.1.f1 that uses VideoPlayer for playing video. After I use VideoPlayer.frame, video gets grey and blurry. Error (actually a warning) that I keep getting is: AndroidVideoMedia::VideoDecoder::ConsumeOutputBuffers bad buffer index: -10000.

I thought it has something to do with setting the wrong frame (too big or too small frame index that doesn’t exist because video is shorter than the frame index I try to set), but after triple checking I’m absolutely positive that frame indexes are set correctly.
I was looking for solution on different forums, but I didn’t find anyone with the same problem.
VideoPlayer methods that I am using in my script are enable, Play(), Stop(), Pause(), frame; and I’m checking video time with VideoPlayer.time.

Any help, hint… would be greatly appreciated.

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I am also encountering this issue int 2019.3.0f0. I have just a single video player which launches on start to render to a render target. I have one callback for when the video finishes loading that swaps in the rendertarget to replace the Emissive Map on a material. I get the same error as OP and the material appears black. Bumping


Anybody ever have luck figuring this one out?

Anyone ever resolve this issue?

This thread is old so I would recommend opening a new one with your info (Editor version, steps to reproduce, etc). If you can reproduce the bug constantly, can you open a bug report? In the Editor, you can go to Help > Report Bug