Bad idea? All objects tracking the player?

I’m trying to reuse assets in an infinite level. For example moving a grid of nine planes around the player to make it seem there is infinite ground. To do this I’m thinking of getting each plane to individually track the player, and move according.

I want to use this method with basically all the objects in the scene in some way or another. But I’m wondering if it will begin to use up too much processing power, as each object will be tracking the player’s 3 axes every update. Or if there is a system I’m unaware of that is simpler than what I’m suggesting?

Thanks in advance!

With only 9 objects preformance will not be a problem. It isn’t an example of good design for other reasons though.

  • Do these tiles then also keep track
    of each other?
  • Should they have more
  • What happens when
    you implement more advanced stuff?

What you probably want to do is have a TileManager that keeps track of both the player and your 9 tiles. This will be more easily extended in the future.