bad lightmap result

hi everyone. I tried to lightmap 14 trees(combined in a single mesh), and a few homes and they casted the shadow to a green terrain(its also static). after the bake trees had a really weird color(but the homes didnt). I checked the generate UV for the trees and maxed out the pack margin value. any ideas how to fix it? I am using the 2017.3.0b7 version

before bake

after bake

Set up your directional light to harda shadows, or if you want that blur let it on the soft. For the color, maybe you are baking the skybox or a color in the global ilumination. Also remember to check the static lightmap.

well, I think I solved the problem. all I had to do is to choose the right shader and update unity to the latest version.

the problem was in trees lightmap, because I used the diffuse shader(wrong shader for trees).
all I had to do is to choose the nature/tree creator bark shader for bark material and nature/tree creator leaves for leaves material. then I updated Unity to the latest beta, and baked the lights, and it looks ok