Bad lurching from racing ghost using Lerp

I’m working on a hoverboard racing game, and created a ghost to race against by recording my racer’s transform data every second during a playthrough, then using Lerp to set the position and rotation of the ghost based on the recorded data. It looks perfectly smooth when the person racing is standing still, but if you manage to get close to the ghost and match its speed (as is often the case when you’re racing), the ghost starts lurching horribly, as if the frames per second were really low. The only reason that I can think of is that the racer’s movement is handled via the physics system, while the ghost’s position is set in an Update block, so maybe the camera movement is getting out of sync with the ghost. Anyone have any ideas?

hey @ImpOfThePerverse
check game FPS from game status if its ok then its camera problem and you can fix it by just converting “Update” to “LateUpdate”.