Bad Mesh quality after import

I think Words can’t much describe what I mean, so i think its better you see it yourself ;/

Maybe i’m just doing something wrong, or the Unity Import Process is a bad Joke after all.
Even after unchecking the "optimize"option and reimporting again, did not change that issue.

I made now an screenshot of both versions. the orginal Mesh and the Mesh version in Unity after importing.


Problem solved! Thanks so much for your Help :slight_smile:
It was the Weight quality setting in unity. it stood on 2x.
after changing to 4x it looks awesome now :slight_smile:

to find as bunny said: edit->project settings-> and then quality.

Try using a .blend file. As far as I know Unity supports them, and that MIGHT (I have no basis for this) help.

Well, i’m not sure if i got the problem right since it’s hard to see the exact difference, esp. since the lighting is very different.

Anyways, if it’s a skinned mesh you might have used more than 4 blend weights per vertex and / or depending on your games quality setting you’re using less than 4 blend weights. Unity only supports up to 4 blend weights per vertex. If a vertex is skinned to more bones Unity usually picks the 4 greatest weights. Depending on the way you skinned the mesh, animations might look strange if some weights have beed dropped.

Make sure you never use more than 4 blend weights per vertex and if you want to offer reduced blendweights in other quality settings you should reduce it even more.